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This could be what Apple Music looks like on Android

Ever since the unveiling of Apple Music, Apple has promised to deliver an Android version of its subscription music service sometime this fall. With it now being late October, it seems Apple is indeed nearing the launch of Apple Music for Android. Several screenshots published by Mobile Geeks offer an early glimpse at what the app will look like, and it's pretty much what you'd expect. Apple hasn't committed any egregious offenses in designing an Android app. Users will navigate Apple Music by using a slide-out menu accessible through the now-common hamburger icon (or, presumably, via a swipe from the left side), whereas the Music app on iOS keeps everything at the bottom.

All of Apple Music's tentpole features like curated For You recommendations, New, Beats 1 radio, Connect, and My Music are shown. One screenshot of a menu indicates that Apple will let Android users determine how much space Apple Music uses for its cache of tracks. One thing we're unclear on is how (or whether) the "My Music" section will tie into iCloud Music Library; there doesn't seem to be anything mentioning it in the settings section.