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Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller is bringing Amazing Stories back to TV

Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller is bringing Amazing Stories back to TV

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When NBC decided to cancel the critically acclaimed Hannibal (and no streaming service jumped in to save the day), the question became what would series mastermind Bryan Fuller dive into next? It turns out he's keeping quite busy: along with the TV adaptation of American Gods, Entertainment Weekly reports that he's also developing a new version of the classic anthology series Amazing Stories for NBC.

Created by Steven Spielberg, the original Amazing Stories served as a more family-friendly version of The Twilight Zone, telling hour-long fantasy and sci-fi tales in a weekly anthology format. It debuted in 1985 and ran for just two seasons, but was known for attracting some of the most prestigious filmmaking talent of its time. Martin Scorsese, Clint Eastwood, Joe Dante, The Empire Strikes Back's Irvin Kershner, and Spielberg himself were just some of the directors that tackled episodes of the show. Personally, I can remember running around my elementary school playground quoting an episode in which a demonic hairpiece inspires those that wear it to commit murder. ("There will be hell to pay when someone is wearing the Hell Toupee!")

Spielberg is reportedly not involved in this new iteration, and while it is still early days Fuller's ability to combine horror, comedy, and earnest, heartfelt storytelling — he is the same person that created Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies, after all — seem to make him a perfect match for the kind of genre mix-and-match that the original show was known for.