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Time Warner Cable will reportedly start testing its internet TV service this week

Time Warner Cable will reportedly start testing its internet TV service this week

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Time Warner Cable doesn't want to lose cord cutters. The cable company is getting ready to start testing its over-the-top TV service this week, according to Engadget, in a move that will likely mirror the offerings from its competitors. The test will be limited to some internet-only customers in New York for the time being.

The service is designed for TWC customers who are only signed up for internet service. A small bundle of TV channels — likely around 20 — will be offered for an additional $10 on top of internet service fees. The leaked documentation reportedly also reveals a $20 option that includes Showtime and Starz premium channels.

You might cut the cord, but cable companies still want to sell you TV service

Since this is an over-the-top service, it won't use a cable box. Instead, it will be offered on a number of streaming devices, according to the report. During the testing period, at least, customers will get a Roku 3 for free to stream the TV service, which includes live channels and on demand programming.

It sounds like the offering will largely be a rebranded version of the company's existing TWC TV apps for cable customers, which lets subscribers view TV channels outside the house and on a multitude of streaming devices.

Cable companies and telcos have focused on cord cutters recently by looking to find ways to keep them paying for TV service even if they don't get a full cable subscription. Comcast, the largest cable provider in the US, will launch a similar product called Stream next year, and Dish released its Sling TV service earlier this year. Other competitors include Sony, with its PlayStation Vue service, as well as Apple, which is continuously rumored to be working on a similar streaming service of its own.