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Apple’s new iPhone 6S ads use Jamie Foxx to sell Siri

Apple’s new iPhone 6S ads use Jamie Foxx to sell Siri


And Steph Curry to show off the camera

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Apple is borrowing the services of celebrities as it continues its recent onslaught of ads. The company uploaded three new commercials to its YouTube channel over the weekend, featuring movie actor Jamie Foxx, basketball star Steph Curry, and a host of no-name extras to demonstrate the power of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

Two of the new ads, both featuring Jamie Foxx, run just 15 seconds long, and use the actor to demonstrate the hands-free use of Siri. In one, Foxx teases Siri after it says he sounds attractive, suggesting that Apple's personal assistant has a crush on him. In the other, he asks it to flip a coin, using the results to decide on "a sci-fi western" as his next movie project. Like its recent Watch ads, the company's new commercials are short — but where those clips focused on new things the Watch allowed wearers to do, the new ads rely more on Foxx's charisma to sell minor features of a personal assistant that all iPhone users will already be familiar with.

The third ad uploaded, on the other hand, specifically calls out new additions to Apple's latest round of smartphones. The one-minute commercial focuses on the camera and uses the same phrasing as previous ads in the series, arguing that "not much has changed, except..." before reeling off a laundry list of changes. Specifically called out are the iPhone's new moving photos, the ability to share snaps quickly, and its new 4K video shooting options. NBA MVP Steph Curry makes an appearance to demonstrate the new video upgrades, throwing up a three-pointer before turning to the camera, looking away like a badass as the ball sails through the net.