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Microsoft really wants MacBook users to switch to the Surface Book

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Microsoft unveiled its Surface Book laptop earlier this month, and the software giant compared it with the MacBook Pro at the time. If it wasn't clear that Microsoft wants MacBook users to switch, the company has now created a site dedicated to helping Mac users move over to a Surface Book. It's designed to make it easy to switch, with a list of keyboard shortcuts, trackpad changes, how to search a Windows 10 PC, and more.

Microsoft has really covered all the main questions that Mac users would need, and there are tutorials for migrating photos, files, and even mail over to the Surface Book. If you use iCloud and iTunes on the Mac then there's even a guide to assist there. Apple originally launched a marketing campaign named "switch" back in 2002, aimed at convincing Windows users to make the switch to a MacBook. It's certainly ironic to see Microsoft trying to convince MacBook users to move to Windows, but it does show how easy it is to switch between OS X and Windows in 2015.