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Xbox One's big Windows 10 update arrives on November 12th

Xbox One's big Windows 10 update arrives on November 12th

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Microsoft has a big update planned for the Xbox One next month. The software giant is planning to roll out Windows 10 to consoles on November 12th as part of a dashboard update that includes a number of new features. The new dashboard includes features that focus on speed and performance, and a design that's a lot easier to use with a controller instead of Kinect. Microsoft has redesigned the Xbox One interface so you no longer have to go in and out of friends, party, and messages apps to access basic functions like inviting Xbox Live friends to a game.

Cortana not arriving until next year

Microsoft is also planning to add Cortana to the Xbox One, but the company is delaying that feature addition until 2016. Xbox One preview members will be able to test Cortana before the end of the year, and early glimpses show that it will be very similar to what's available on Windows 10. Most of the focus on the initial dashboard update will ensure that it's just faster to use than the current Xbox One UI.

Other additions include the launch of backwards compatibility for all Xbox One consoles. The new dashboard brings this beyond just preview members, and everyone will be able to play old Xbox 360 games. There's still a limit on the amount of titles supported, but Microsoft is working to enable hundreds more in the coming months ahead. If you're an existing Xbox One preview member then the update is already rolling out to systems, but for everyone else it will arrive on November 12th.