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HTC's weird little Re Camera is now just $50

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HTC's Re Camera was a bit of a non-starter upon its release a year ago, but that mostly came down to one thing: price. At that level, HTC was taking on GoPro, and it's no surprise it didn't come out on top. But the Re Camera itself is actually a really fun, unique product, and you might want to give it a second look now that it's on sale for just $50 at HTC's own store.

If you need your memory refreshed, the Re Camera is a small, waterproof action camera shaped like a periscope; it's like a GoPro, but easier to use when held in your hand. It has a 146-degree wide-angle lens, a 16-megapixel 1/2.3-inch sensor, and works with an app that lets you use your Android phone or iPhone as a viewfinder.

The image quality isn't going to impress you if you have a good smartphone or a decent point-and-shoot. But it's the kind of camera you can use in situations you wouldn't normally be able to use a camera at all, and coupled with the cute design, that might just be worth $50 to you. Tragically, though, HTC is yet to release the wonderful dinosaur charging stand we saw at Mobile World Congress, so consider this a qualified recommendation.

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