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Despair is knowing it now takes 45 screens to set up a new iPhone

Despair is knowing it now takes 45 screens to set up a new iPhone

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So you just got home with your new iPhone 6S or 6S Plus. You're excited! You can't wait to start texting your friends about how great Rose Gold is, and you're dying to ask Siri what chart-topping song you could be listening to. (You made sure to sign up for Apple Music beforehand, of course.)

There's just one thing you need to take care of: the set-up process. You never really thought about it... but sweet mother of God... when did it get so long?

Keep in mind that all these new steps are for features made specifically for your convenience. Touch ID takes a minute. Hands-free Siri control takes a minute, even if you never use it. And it's also worth noting that Android and Windows both have lengthy set-up processes of their own. But it's kind of nuts how involved all this is. Just for context, setting up an iPhone 4S was half as long, coming in at just 20 steps:

Forty-five steps is super long. It's six steps longer than the Hitchcock movie. Thing is, you probably don't think about how insane it is even in practice, because you do it once and forget about it, content to think about how best to use that new taco emoji. (Sexting.) Imagine how long it'll get next year.