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Watch Chance the Rapper perform a new song on The Late Show

Watch Chance the Rapper perform a new song on The Late Show


It's called 'Angels'

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Although Chance the Rapper originally said he was going to perform a song he wrote with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show last night, that never happened. Maybe it was some kind of cruel joke? In any case, we can forgive him, because the song he did end up performing, "Angels," is the first original solo track (if you don’t count his Social Experiment demos) he's released since his 2013 mixtape, Acid Rap.


"Angels" sounds like everything Chance has been toying around with since then: tongue-twisted verses with the rhythm of a bounce-back paddle ball game, a gospel choir sample, jittery steel drums, and just a little bit of singing. Plus, there's that classic nonsensical Chance wordplay: "This what it sound like when God split an atom with me / I even had Steve giving out apples for free." Fellow Chicago rapper Saba shows up for the slack-jawed chorus; it's a little breather from Chance's up here energy.

The Late Show performance is also really, really great — and slightly choreographed! Somehow Colbert managed to sit at his desk with his hands folded through the whole thing, but when it's over you can hear him say to Chance, "That was beautiful."

You can also download the song for free on SoundCloud and iTunes.