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Adele topples Taylor Swift's record for single-day Vevo views with 'Hello'

Last week, when Adele dropped the video for "Hello," people were understandably excited. Not only was it the first single from Adele's highly anticipated album, 25, it was also her first song at all in three years. People were so excited, in fact, they watched the video 27.7 million times in 24 hours, effectively shattering the Vevo record for most views in a single day, Entertainment Weekly reports.

Hello, new record

The previous record holder? Taylor Swift's video for "Bad Blood," which saw 20.1 million views in its first day. If you've been keeping score, you know that Swift's still got a few records in the bag. Last week, her video for "Blank Space" became the most-viewed Vevo video of all time with more than 1.2 billion views.

That Swift's dominance peaked while Adele was on a musical hiatus is a reminder that record-breaking and chart dominance is all relative. It's not surprising that the world's biggest videos would change positions as artists release new material. Taylor Swift is outside of an album cycle right now, and Adele's just getting into one. One day, Adele's upcoming album will be old news, and new hits from other artists will surely take "Hello"'s place. In other words, this too will change.