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Motorola destroys some iPhones in its new shatterproof Droid Turbo 2 ad

Motorola destroys some iPhones in its new shatterproof Droid Turbo 2 ad

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Motorola's new Droid Turbo 2, unveiled earlier today, has one marquee feature that sets it apart from the crowded Android smartphone market: a shatterproof display. The company isn't playing down its device's durability, either. In a new video ad released today, Motorola shows a few of its competitors' handsets, most prominently the iPhone, falling in slow motion until they shatter in an explosion of glass shards. The Droid Turbo 2, however, makes its descent last and lands on the floor without a scratch. It's a clever ad that equates the dropping of a smartphone to a national epidemic, similar to a health ad warning against a widespread ailment.

Motorola certainly is throwing the gauntlet (pun intended) down with its claims — inviting everybody to chuck their phones onto the concrete and doing it itself during the presentation. But until we see tests from somebody other than Motorola, we're stuck taking their word for it. Expect quite a few online videos putting the Turbo 2 to the test once the device launches on October 29th.

Because of the Motorola's exclusivity agreement with Verizon, the Droid line has always had a more limited appeal. That means features like a shatterproof display are the only true selling points when a customer could more easily buy an iPhone 6S or Samsung Galaxy S6 that works on whichever carrier they prefer. The technology behind the screen is called Moto ShatterShield, which relies on a flexible AMOLED display that essentially floats above the frame to create a smartphone structure that won't react badly to sudden shock. Motorola and Verizon are so confident in the design that they've extended the device's warranty from one year to four years.

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