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Watch the first trailer for Adam Sandler's Netflix movie, if you must

Watch the first trailer for Adam Sandler's Netflix movie, if you must


It's out December 11th, don't mark it on your calendar

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The best part of the trailer for Adam Sandler's upcoming Netflix movie, The Ridiculous 6, happens in the first four seconds, when the only thing on the screen is a horse's legs. It's pretty much downhill from there.

It's difficult to accurately isolate what makes this trailer (and, by extension, the movie) so terrible, because it's all one idiotic, racist, masturbatory, incoherent, probably very expensive piece of garbage. The plot involves hackneyed imaginings of cowboys and Native Americans, but it's hard to decipher any cohesive narrative over the circus music, gratuitous screaming, and awful, unplaceable accents.

My opinion: this is bad

There are a baffling — BAFFLING — number of famous actors who, against all logical reasoning, apparently agreed to be in this movie. Indiewire lists 19 — NINETEEN — famous men (including Steve Buscemi, Rob Schneider, Dan Aykroyd, Vanilla Ice, and Will Forte) plus Whitney Cummings, who appears to be the only woman in the movie save for a few extras.

Maybe Netflix is expanding its offerings to include terrible movies for a reason, or maybe some Netflix exec just really likes Adam Sandler. In any case, you don't need to watch this trailer. Really, you could do anything else, and your day will be better than it would be if you watched this trailer.