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Google Fiber in Kansas City suffers major outage during World Series

Separately, Fox dealt with major broadcast problems during the game

It's a rough, embarrassing night for Google Fiber and Fox Sports. During game one of the World Series, which happens to feature the Kansas City Royals, Fiber's internet and TV services went down completely in the city. "We're so sorry about the outage in KC," said the Fiber team in a tweet roughly 40 minutes ago. Kansas City was Google's first-ever Fiber market.

"We know it couldn't have happened at a worse time, and we're working as quickly as we can to fix it." Google hasn't yet posted any updates on the situation, but it's obviously a huge frustration for baseball fans in the area. Fiber's difficulties came shortly before Fox's nationwide broadcast feed ran into huge disruptions of its own, forcing the network — which pays Major League Baseball a mighty fee for rights to the Fall Classic — to patch in the international feed presented by MLB Network / MLBAM.

Fox eventually restored audio from its own commentary crew (still using MLB's separate video feed) before finally bringing back its broadcast in full. Joe Buck and attributed the technical troubles to a transmission truck that "lost power."