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Meet the monsters of the new X-Files miniseries

13 years off the small screen doesn't seem to have made The X-Files any less spooky, as the newest trailer for the upcoming six-episode miniseries shows. The 30-second clip is full of creepy shots and jump scares, terrorizing FBI agents Mulder and Scully with explosions, gooey-faced men, corpse-dragging figures, and a couple that seem to be able to shatter glass with their minds.

Luckily, both David Duchovny's Fox Mulder and Gillian Anderson's Dana Scully are veteran monster-hunters at this point in their TV careers. "This is dangerous," Scully says to Mulder, back in the office they shared on screen for the better part of a decade. "When has that ever stopped us before?" he replies. We'll get to see just what kind of danger the duo are in when The X-Files miniseries arrives in January. Just don't call it a "reboot" — creator Chris Carter will get mad.