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Google's Android gaming app will support making Let's Play videos for YouTube

Google's Android gaming app will support making Let's Play videos for YouTube

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On the heels of adding live Android game streaming to the YouTube Gaming app, Google has announced that it's adding video-uploading capabilities to its gaming app. In the coming days, Google Play Games will roll out a feature that lets players record footage of their Android games — alongside voice and video commentary — and post it directly on YouTube. It'll be available first in the US and UK, with support in more countries coming "soon after."

If this sounds a lot like Google's last game streaming announcement, that's because it is. While you'll use Google Play Games instead of YouTube Gaming, recording still involves launching the app, selecting a game to record, choosing your screen capture resolution (the service supports 720p and 480p video), and talking into your phone or tablet's front-facing camera. The obvious difference is that this isn't streaming anything live, so players will capture their game, clip the section they want with the app's basic editing options, and then upload it to YouTube.

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Google Play Games is Google's central hub for Android games. Besides simply being a library of installed titles and a gaming-specific version of the Play Store, it shows achievements and leaderboards, lets users find matches for multiplayer games, and displays friends' profiles.

A Google spokesperson tells us that this new recording tool is "very much a complementary feature" to YouTube Gaming. Eventually, it sounds like we might see the same options on both apps. "Our end goal is to make recording and live-streaming capabilities ubiquitous on the platform, so that whether you are in the Play Games app or YouTube Gaming app, you will have instant access to that capability," he says. Since YouTube Gaming is essentially a collection of all the gaming-friendly features and videos on YouTube, it's honestly not hard to see it turning into an extra set of options for Google Play Games — or vice versa.