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Snapchat adding rewind, fast-forward, and slow-motion video features

Snapchat adding rewind, fast-forward, and slow-motion video features

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A month after Snapchat debuted its new Lenses feature, the company is expanding its video feature set with what it calls "Speed Modifiers," allowing users to add slow-motion, rewind, and fast-forward filters to their videos. Rather than puke rainbows, users will now be adding something closer to special effects to their Snaps.

The new Speed Modifiers are fairly self-explanatory: Slow-Motion slows video down; Fast-Forward speeds things up; Rewind plays content backwards. It's really a matter of how the new features will be used in Snaps and Stories going forward. One might imagine enterprising Snapchat talents using the new features to accentuate their videos for extra impact, using Slow-Motion for cute animal videos and Rewind for double-takes.

It's up to users to make the best of the new features

The new update also happens to add 3D Touch features for users on iPhone 6S and 6S Pluses, allowing them to quickly chat with contacts or add friends.

Snapchat is iterating on its platform fiercely, with new updates and functionality coming out as ways to attract new, paying users and advertisers. Earlier this month, the Financial Times reported that company was looking into Sponsored Lenses. Meanwhile, the ability to pay for replays was announced alongside the Lens feature.

To see our first experiments with the new features, add therealverge on Snapchat.