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Gibson's new podcast mics are colorful and adorable

Gibson's new podcast mics are colorful and adorable

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Gibson launched its Neat Microphones division less than a year ago, and since then it has released an assortment of bee-themed microphones ("the bee line"), which are adorably punny if not maybe a bit pricey for startup podcasters. The Widget series, which launches next month for $99, de-emphasizes the wordplay (sadly) and focuses instead on a more colorful, retro design.

Gibson is selling three variants of the USB microphone, all with adjustable heights, shockmounts, and a pop filter. We can't vouch for the audio quality, but we are intrigued by the design — in the world of podcasting mics, it's rare to find anything other than silver, black, and gold. According to Gizmodo, the trio launches on November 15th.