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Amazon now lets you shop on the Fire TV

Amazon now lets you shop on the Fire TV


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Amazon's Fire TV is a great streaming set-top box. Even though it privileges Prime content, it's still a good way to watch television. But Amazon's never just been about content. Getting customers to buy things is the top priority. GeekWire now reports that Amazon has just rolled out new functionality that allows Fire TV and Fire TV Stick owners to buy whatever they want from their living rooms.

The new feature seems to be fairly barebones at the moment. Users can see new products show up in banner ads on the Fire TV home screen, and clicking those ads takes them to a page where they can browse product photos and customer reviews before making a purchase. The process is reportedly pretty intuitive, taking just three clicks to get from ad to checkout.

Not a full-fledged shopping portal yet

However, there still isn't a fully formed shopping portal for the set-top box yet, so users aren't yet able to search the entire Amazon store from their TVs. Amazon Prime Now isn't linked to the device yet either. Still, since the functionality clearly works, it's easy to guess that the storefront is on its way to the device sooner or later.