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Apple TV is getting Siri support for Apple Music early next year

New Apple TV owners will soon be able to use Siri to search for songs and artists on Apple Music, BuzzFeed News reports. The company confirmed that it would add support for voice-controlled search early next year, meaning users of the Apple Music app on fourth-generation Apple TV boxes will be able to use Siri to look for music in the same way they're already able to search for movies.

Siri is one of Apple TV's marquee features, but at this stage in its development, support for the voice-controlled personal assistant is somewhat lacking. While Apple TV users can launch apps, direct you to weather forecasts, and play videos with the power of their voice, Siri only works with a small number of apps, can't search through the App Store to find more, and has none of the sass and personality of the iPhone's version. Nonetheless, Apple's promised support of Siri in Apple Music indicates that the company will further enmesh its digital assistant into Apple TV in the future, making the hardware a more appealing alternative to competitors like Fire TV and Roku set-top boxes. The move also might help drive new customers to Apple Music, which currently has just a third as many paying subscribers as Spotify.