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Future cars drift into the present at Tokyo Motor Show

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Of all the car shows on the calendar, the biennial Tokyo Motor Show is the one with the loosest grip on reality. To walk the show floor is to be barraged by a series of implausible, impractical, yet somehow desirable vehicles that may or may not fill our roads in the future.

Okay, most of these almost certainly won't. But as an exercise in what huge, rich companies can do when they throw money and design talent at intangible problems, you can't beat Tokyo Motor Show. From sleek, electronic vehicles that feel more like gadgets than cars, to roaring, muscular love letters to the concept of driving itself, it was all here this year.

Read on for some of the odder things I saw.

Photos from Tokyo Motor Show 2015


Unlike Tokyo Game Show, Tokyo Motor Show actually takes place in Tokyo, and is all the better for it. Big Sight is a wild, futuristic venue that feels like a very appropriate setting.