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Alcatel's standout mid-range handset is now just $150 on Cricket Wireless

Alcatel's Onetouch Idol 3 was a surprise standout smartphone for us earlier this year. A $250 mid-range Android device from a relatively unknown manufacturer, the Idol 3 nevertheless impressed with slim, lightweight design and a stunning 5.5-inch, 1080p display. Now, for some mobile users in the US, the Idol 3 has become an even more attractive proposition, with Cricket Wireless offering the handset for just $150, exclusive to the carrier from November 6th.

Since we reviewed the Idol 3 there have been some impressive additions to the mid-range market (including the OnePlus X, announced today), but if you're a Cricket customer the Idol 3 is worth your consideration and probably your money. The AT&T owned Cricket also announced today that it's expanding its international plans, adding free data access from Mexico and Canada for its $50 and $60-a-month customers. (This follows on from T-Mobile and Sprint introducing similar deals earlier this year.) You can check out our review of the Idol 3 below:

Verge Video: Alcatel Onetouch Idol 3 review