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Newegg is already calling every sale an early Black Friday sale

Newegg is already calling every sale an early Black Friday sale

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As with all great holidays, US retailers try to extend Black Friday for as long as possible. That includes pushing it out to Cyber Monday, and pulling it back earlier in the week with pre-Friday sales. Newegg has taken its excitement perhaps a bit too far and simply declared all of next month to be Black November. But it isn't even waiting until November to get started: Newegg is already advertising all of its sales as Black November sales. It's a little ridiculous, though Newegg's Black November promo is actually something it's been doing annually for seven years now.

Newegg does plan to start offering specific Black November deals at the end of the week. It'll have discounts on 900 products between November 1st and 3rd, and then games, consoles, and accessories will be discounted between the 4th and the 9th. Starting the 10th, Newegg begins a "Black Friday preview sale," which, again, seems very early. That continues until Black Friday actually starts on November 27th, at which point Newegg will switch over to short flash sales. It'll then take two days of rest, before resuming sales for Cyber Monday, when its month of sales wraps up.