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Giphy updates its iOS app so you can share GIFs anywhere

Giphy wants you watching and sharing more GIFs from your phone, so it's launching a new version of its app today to make that happen. The app is called Giphy, and it's basically a mobile version of Giphy's website, a place to browse and search through its many, many GIFs. The difference is that Giphy's app plugs into the other apps on your phone, so you can tap a share button and send a GIF to Facebook or Twitter, into a text message, or wherever else supports both sharing and GIFs.

The Giphy app is a revamp of last year's Giphy for Messenger, which only integrated with Facebook Messenger. Its design has been updated here and there, but the real improvement is the ability to share to any platform — essentially, it's now a lot more useful. That app is available for iOS.