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Nerd Colbert is the true Colbert, and we have the proof

Nerd Colbert is the true Colbert, and we have the proof

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The Late Show took a week off last week, meaning Stephen Colbert didn't have the chance to dive right into the new Star Wars trailer with the rest of us. But rather than offer up a series of one-liners involving Chewbacca and Old Man Han getting the band back together, he tucked in to give viewers his theory for how the plot of The Force Awakens will unfold. And I was moved.

Stephen Colbert's nerdness is at the very core of his being

But after watching his stunning, transfixing delivery, take a closer look. Remember how Colbert started his tenure on The Late Show saying he was on a journey of discovery, a quest to find the real Stephen? We already know the real Stephen. We've known him for years, but have chosen to complicate things with politics and punditry. Core Stephen Colbert is a nerd.

Think about it! We've been watching him let his nerd flag fly for years. How is his being a geek not at the core of his very being? Remember when he schooled James Franco on The Silmarillion?

Or when he was actually, for real in The Hobbit?

This week alone, he cosplayed as Caesar Flickerman to make fun of the presidential candidates. And he committed!

And just as a reminder, Colbert did improv at Second City. Improv is probably the nerdiest thing you can do with your life short of becoming a professional Magic: The Gathering player! The proof is everywhere.

Stephen Colbert is the King of the Nerds on television, yet here we are waiting for him to evolve into our late night elder statesman. Nay, friends. He is our Dungeon Master. It's time we embrace that.