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Google's Snapseed app can now edit RAW photos on Android

Google's Snapseed app can now edit RAW photos on Android

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An increasing number of Android smartphones are now able to shoot photos in RAW, which gives users much greater flexibility when it comes to editing and retouching their shots after they've been taken. But finding a good app for editing RAW files on a smartphone isn't easy, so Google's updating one of its own to fill the void. The latest version of Snapseed, released today, offers full support for DNG RAW files.

Google says the new Snapseed will help you "correct exposure after the fact" with far better results than you'd see from a JPG file, where mucking with the exposure too much can easily ruin an image. And you'll also have much more control over white balance, color, and tone. Plus, RAW files allow you to recover shadows and save blown out highlights in ways that just aren't possible with JPG. So Snapseed on your smartphone is now, in some ways, equally as capable as a desktop photo editor like Lightroom.

No one's saying that shots snapped by a Galaxy Note 5 or Xperia Z5 will best what you'd get from a full-frame DSLR — even in RAW — but you should be able to make your camera shots look better than ever. Of course, that's assuming you're willing to put in the time (and let photos take up more storage space on your phone).