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Apple asks Supreme Court to overturn decision in ebooks antitrust case

As foreshadowed by an earlier letter, Apple has asked the Supreme Court to overturn the decision that found the company guilty of conspiring with book publishers to fix the price of ebooks.

As reported by Reuters, Apple filed a petition with the court on Wednesday, arguing that the most recent appeal ruling against the company would "harm competition and the national economy." In its most recent letter to the court, Apple suggested that its actions were not anticompetitive, writing that a decision was "exceedingly important to the United States economy as it concerns the rules that will govern disruptive entry by dynamic companies into new or stagnant markets."

Apple has been set to pay out $450 million if the Supreme Court declines to hear the case, or if the lower court's decision is upheld. That would be the conclusion to a battle that's been unfolding since 2013, when Apple was found guilty of the conspiracy.