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Nexus 6P teardown reveals it's ‘extremely difficult’ to repair

Nexus 6P teardown reveals it's ‘extremely difficult’ to repair


Blame its unibody design

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The results are in from iFixit's Nexus 6P teardown, and Google's 5.7-inch smartphone is far more difficult to crack open than nearly every other mainstream phone on the market. The culprit appears to be the Nexus 6P's unibody design, which prevents you from easily removing the device's back cover or getting at its display. That means you won't be able to easily repair the device yourself any time soon.

Out of a possible repairability score of 10, the 6P scored 2, iFixit says. That puts the Huawei-manufactured device far below its LG-made Nexus 5X companion, the preceding Nexus 6, and Apple's iPhone 6S, all three of which scored 7 out of 10 on iFixit's scale. (Notably, this year's HTC One M9 proved equally difficult for iFixit, while the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge came in only slightly better on the repairability scale.)

Unibody design 'makes every component extremely difficult to replace.'

"It's very difficult — although not impossible — to open the device without damaging the glass camera cover," iFixit writes. "Because of the unibody design, this makes every component extremely difficult to replace." The repair process starts by dislodging the 6P's internals from the phone's shell in one giant chunk. To do that, iFixit needed to employ a microwave-heated opening device to pry loose the outer panel. From there, the team had to remove all the screws, some of which required prying off a camera cover using a curved razor blade.

iFixit also said the device's display assembly can't be replaced without digging through nearly every internal component. That makes one of the most common user smartphone repairs — replacing a cracked display — more difficult than it needs to be, iFixit adds.