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Apple might have another new campus, and it's in Google's backyard

Three buildings just a few miles from Cupertino

Apple has reportedly closed on a deal for a second spaceship-like campus, this time in Sunnyvale, California. The Silicon Valley Business Journal is reporting that Apple will lease a new complex called Central & Wolfe from Landbank Investments LLC, following speculation last month that the two parties were involved in negotiations. A date has not been set for the start of construction.

The Central & Wolfe campus will span 18 acres, replacing nine buildings of a business park built more than 40 years ago. When construction is completed the site will look radically different, as the old buildings will be replaced with three connected and almost completely circular main edifices. Each of these three new buildings will have a central atrium, and more than half of the campus is considered open-air. (And that's not even including the optional rooftop gardens.)

There will also be, of course, all the amenities we've come to expect from these massive Silicon Valley campuses. Included in the plans: an on-site bank, a cafeteria, a fitness center, a coffee bar, a conference center, a 500-person outdoor amphitheater, food truck access "in and around the quad," a barbershop, athletic fields and courts, a bike repair shop, and a general store. There will also be 2,582 total parking spaces, but only 12 of them will be on the surface of the campus — 1,170 spots will be underground, and the other 1,400 are located in an above-ground garage.

Apple's been very publicly working on a multi-billion dollar second campus for a few years now, which is located in Cupertino. Should this new deal go through, however, 3,000 Apple employees could find themselves working in Google's backyard — Central & Wolfe is conveniently located just across the California Central Expressway from Mountain View.