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The Windows logo according to Apple

The Windows logo according to Apple

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If you've been scouring Apple's support pages lately, you might have come across this rather curious representation of Microsoft's Windows OS. Sitting alongside Apple's official logos for iOS 8, OS X Yosemite, and iCloud, we find a very literal and very square representation of a window, decorated with a complementary window sill. We'll give Apple the benefit of the doubt and assume it knows that's not the actual Windows logo, but why that image is there at all is still a mystery. Microsoft surely won't have objected to seeing its actual logo alongside those for Apple's products and services, but if Apple truly felt the need to use a placeholder pic, is that really the best it could do?

Then again, I suppose it's better than this icon, used to identify a "generic PC" on the same network as a Mac:

generic pc

Yes, it's still there, even on the latest OS X El Capitan.

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