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MacGyver is returning to TV with a reboot from Furious 7 director James Wan

MacGyver is returning to TV with a reboot from Furious 7 director James Wan

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The TV studios just keep the reboots coming. CBS is working on bringing MacGyver back to television, according to The Hollywood Reporter and Entertainment Weekly. This won't be your parents' MacGyver however; Furious 7 director James Wan is set to executive produce the series, and he's on board to develop what's sure to be an explosive pilot episode. The show hasn't yet been ordered to series, but CBS has committed to at least making the pilot.

Oh, and expect MacGyver to be a bit less scruffy than his ’80s incarnation: the rebooted series will follow a 20-something version of the quick-on-his-toes action star. The official description for the show says this greener MacGyver "gets recruited into a clandestine organization where he uses his knack for solving problems in unconventional ways to help prevent disasters from happening."

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This isn't the first time James Wan has been attached to the quirky action hero. He was tied to a 2012 MacGyver movie that never happened. In an interview earlier this year, he said that he had to drop the film in order to blow up some cars in Furious 7, but he sounded genuinely excited about the proposition of bringing MacGyver back to life. He said, "I wanted to put my MacGyver story around something like a North by Northwest: He gets blamed for something that he had designed, something really big that’s something everyone wanted, and now someone has weaponized it and everyone’s coming after him."

If you're feeling reboot fatigue, you'll be saddened to hear that the studios show no sign of slowing down. Yesterday, Fox announced a new Lethal Weapon show, and it joins a long, long list of rebooted properties coming to TV, like Minority Report, Limitless, Full House, The-A Team, and Uncle Buck. Get ready.