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George Strait or Drake: who sings these sad love song lyrics?

George Strait or Drake: who sings these sad love song lyrics?


The Troubadour and the Kid

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Here are two men who have a lot of things in common, possibly more things than they have in contrast. Both have expansive discographies touching on many, many topics almost exclusively about failed romance and personal demons.

They both really like Texas

They both love women, or at least, love talking about women. They really like offering opinions on the behavior of women. They really like apologizing to women. They really like drinking. They really like Texas. They believe men to be wanderers by nature. They believe themselves to be damaged. They believe themselves to be extremely lovable in spite of everything. Above all else, they believe in the drunk phone call.

To my knowledge, only one of them has said something rude about Chance the Rapper. That one is my least favorite, obviously.

drake and george strait

My decision to listen to George Strait at work was caused by sleep deprivation and an unexpected tsunami of nostalgia. (If you're very tired and you kind of miss your mom, you can do some weird things!)

And while I realized that his crooning was pretty condescending, and that the song "Oceanfront Property" might be about catfishing, and that he didn't know a whole lot about how women think or feel, I couldn’t quite hate the Old Troubadour. He really knows how to take a low-stakes situation and douse it in life-or-death romanticism.

Drake has a very small vocabulary and is kind of a slut-shamer, and he too does not know a whole lot about how women think or feel. But he is very good at taking everything too seriously, and that is an emotional reaction that both George and I can relate to.

They are sad, they are drunk, they are singing about it. But who sang which sad thing?