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The Apple Pencil will need an adapter to charge from a Lightning cable

The Apple Pencil will need an adapter to charge from a Lightning cable

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The default way to charge Apple's stylus for the forthcoming iPad Pro is a bit awkward. The stylus, otherwise known as the Apple Pencil, has a male Lightning connector hidden under a cap at one end. Users are supposed to plug the device in to the bottom of the iPad Pro and leave it sticking out like a little antenna. This isn't uncommon for styluses and the Pencil does charge fast (30 minutes use after a 15 second charge, says Apple), but it's not handy for every situation. However, according to leaked training documents published by 9to5 Mac, Apple will be remedying this by offering users an adapter, letting them plug the Pencil directly into any Lightning cable to charge.

The training document showing a lightning cable on the left, adapter in the middle, and Apple Pencil on the right. (via 9to5Mac)

It's not clear whether the adapter will be bundled with the iPad Pro or sold separately when the device launches next month, but it's a sensible solution. Leaving the stylus dangling out the end of the iPad would be an accident waiting to happen, and this way users can charge the Pencil from their laptop or from a wall outlet (as long as they have a Lightning cable and adapter handy). And at least it's more convenient than charging the new Magic Mouse.

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