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Jeremy Clarkson takes thinly veiled shot at BBC in new Amazon commercial

Jeremy Clarkson's headed to Amazon Video next year with a new car show that also stars his former Top Gear cohorts Richard Hammond and James May. But before that as-yet-untitled program launches, he's doing a bit of advertising for his new employer — and trolling his old one in the process. In a new commercial that'll debut during the Rugby World Cup on ITV, Clarkson has plenty of good things to say about Amazon's Fire TV Stick. The streaming device has "everything you could possibly want," extolls Clarkson, who admits he's had a lot of time to lounge and binge on videos since becomingly "suddenly un-busy" after the incident that ended his working relationship with the BBC. While browsing through the Fire TV Stick's content options, Clarkson has nice things to say about Netflix and (obviously) Amazon Instant Video. But when he scrolls over BBC's iPlayer, he makes his feelings evident with a dismissive "that." Harsh, but the guy certainly has an impressive segway.