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This Nexus 6P bend test is horrifically unfair, mildly entertaining

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If you want a scientifically rigorous analysis of the Nexus 6P's durability, this isn't it. Please close this window and advance with the productive parts of your day.

But if you're after a gruesome tech-destruction horror show, hit play.

The annual YouTube tradition of buying and then promptly destroying the latest and most expensive smartphones has extended to Google's new flagship Android smartphone, and the results are not pretty. The tester in this video scratches the Nexus 6P's display with implements of varying hardness to determine the exact point at which it starts to pick up scratches. He then takes a razor to the lens cover and a flame to the display before culminating in the bend test made famous by last year's iPhone.

The chronology of those events matters: it's only after heat is applied to the screen that we see it break (with relative ease) in the video, and indeed it snaps at the exact point of the heat marks. So please, don't take this too seriously or let it affect your purchasing decision. Just take it for what it is: beautiful in its sheer, horrifying nihilism.

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