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Call this number to hear Justin Bieber's remix of 'Hotline Bling'

Earlier today, Justin Bieber shared an Instagram photo of himself surrounded by the logo for Drake's "Hotline Bling," captioned with the cheeky question, "Should I?" The second half of that question was almost undoubtedly "release my remix of this hugely popular Drake song," and the answer to it was a resounding YES. So now you can hear the song, but you have to make a phone call first.

Hotline Biebs

Bieber just tweeted a phone number with a Michigan area code, and, in the true spirit of "Hotline Bling," asked his followers to dial his digits. If you call, you'll hear Justin's version of the track, from which Drake is completely absent. It's still a smooth ode to booty calls mingled with that ubiquitous beat, now with more falsetto.

Oh and in case you could've possibly forgotten, at the end of the phone call, a recording of a man's voice will gently remind you that Justin is coming out with a new album, Purposeon November 13th.