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NASA astronaut Scott Kelly is haunting the ISS in a creepy Halloween mask

NASA/Scott Kelly

Astronaut Scott Kelly has made it through seven months of his year-long stay on the International Space Station, and it looks like the sheer isolation of living in space — the vast, ever-expanding swirl of nothingness that completely envelopes us all and serves as a constant reminder that we live tiny, insignificant lives on a planet that doesn't matter — may be getting to him.

For Halloween this year, Kelly released a video of himself slowly floating toward the camera, while wearing a creepy egg-like, Mike Myers painted-over-William-Shatner mask. The video is set to haunting tones, but Kelly remains silent. A NASA employee in Mission Control remarks over the intercom that the station has a stowaway. Perhaps it does have a new member. Astronaut Scott Kelly is no longer himself. He is a man transformed... in his mind... forever.

Also, where did he get that mask? Does NASA allocate room on their cargo resupply missions for Halloween costumes? Will he have a Santa suit for Christmas? Will he have any joy left for Christmas?