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The weird cop cars of IACP

This week, police from across the world gathered in Chicago for the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference, essentially CES for weird law enforcement tech. And since cops love weird cars too, that included a number of interesting, exotic and downright bizarre vehicles, from these Forza electric scooters to a pair of gyrocopters that are apparently being used to patrol Somerset County, Kentucky.

Of course, like a lot of car shows, there's a strong element of aspiration to the whole thing. Most police departments can't afford emission-detecting Teslas, and when it comes time to replace their fleet, they'll opt with the same solid black-and-white Fords and Dodges you see everywhere. But thanks to IACP, if they decide to get an electric post-Segway or a 30-foot mobile command center, they'll know exactly who to call. We can always dream....


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