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A frame-by-frame analysis of the R2-D2 mini fridge trailer

A frame-by-frame analysis of the R2-D2 mini fridge trailer


So many clues, so many questions

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Well, here we are. It's been a long time coming but it's finally arrived: the first full-length trailer for the R2-D2 mini fridge. Now, if you're anything like me you've already watched the teasers, the teaser-teasers, and that handheld-cam footage of the original Japanese unveiling a dozen times, but with this new trailer we're going deeper inside the Star Wars household goods Universe than ever before. Let's get to it.


Cue the lights, the music, and away we go. A classic cold open from J.J. Abrams' unknown protégé here, just a typical sunrise on R2-D2; the lights sparking into life in the darkness, making you think — just for a second — "Hang on, is this a Jawa mini fridge?" This is how you build suspense.


Then: boom! Hit 'em with the work. It's the classic Star Wars title we all know and love, although the more observant among you might have noticed there are some subtle typographical differences between this version and what we've seen in previous films. No opening crawl, either, but we all know the backstory anyway: R2-D2 is a mini fridge and he's here to deliver your drinks.


On to some glamor shots. Just soak 'em up. Breathe deep. Luxuriate in that bodywork.


Straightforward. It's good to remind people what alcohol does.


Woof. Now that's the sort of high-speed action I like to see in my trailers. Who knew R2-D2 could move that fast?! Forget the Kessel Run, I think this is a new record for the Kessel Beer Run. But seriously, while this shot is exciting, it also raises a lot of questions. Where is R2-D2 at this point (some sort of spaceport?) and why is he charging down those corridors? More importantly: who on Earth is sitting on the sofa?


I got chills at this point, and not just because I was imagining taking a cool frosty one out of an R2-D2 mini fridge. Now, the intact right hand here suggests we're definitely not looking at Luke Skywalker (yes, it's possible it's just a very good bionic hand, but we don't want to overthink things). And, if that's supposed to be a beer can then why doesn't it have a label? There have been rumors of some big lightsaber redesigns for the mini fridge films, and you know what, I think we might be looking at an elegant weapon, for a more civilized age.


And there we have it, the final reveal. A dream comes true indeed.

Now, if you want to buy one of these mini fridges (and who would blame you after watching this cinematic gem) it's going to be difficult. They're available for preorder with deliveries to Japan only and a pre-tax price tag of ¥998,000 (that's around $8,274). Manufactured by Haier under the company's Aqua brand, each unit holds six cans, comes with a remote control, and has a battery life of around two hours when moving with a full interior. It's a tempting buy for any true Star Wars fans, but I'd advise waiting to see the trailer for those Empire-themed vacuum cleaners before you part with your cash.