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This bizarre Panoz DeltaWing car could be on the road someday

The DeltaWing project — a weird, narrow race car designed for minimum weight and drag — has a pretty tumultuous (if brief) history, passing between sponsors and powertrains, never winning a race since its 2012 debut. (Car and Driver has some good history on how it came to be.)

It's so weird, in fact, that you'd never dream of something like it making the jump to street-legal road car... but here we are.

Panoz, boutique automaker and racing outfit, has been involved with the DeltaWing from the start — and after teasing that it intended to make a road version earlier this year, it's now showing a concept version. It's not any less weird: if anything, there's a hint of Batmobile here, except that it could get a claimed 74 miles per gallon highway. Show me a Batmobile with those kinds of numbers.

Of course, a concept is a long way from production — but if Panoz gets there, expect it to be called the DeltaWing GT, available with either two seats or four.