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Donald Trump uses a Galaxy to tweet, doesn’t have a laptop in his office

Donald Trump uses a Galaxy to tweet, doesn’t have a laptop in his office

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Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Donald Trump makes headlines on Twitter just as frequently as he does during any press conference or campaign appearance. Trump's raucous, pull-no-punches style has drawn plenty of criticism (often deservedly so), but it has also helped him maintain a hard-to-fathom lead in the 2016 Republican field. The New York Times took a close look at Trump's Twitter strategy, highlighting the enormous drop-off in engagement that other GOP contenders suffer when compared to Trump. "I have more power than they do," Trump told the Times. "I can let people know that they were a fraud," he continued. "I can let people know that they have no talent, that they didn’t know what they’re doing. You have a voice."

But for all the social media capital that he holds, Trump's daily life seems notably light on technology. The Times highlights that he doesn't even have a laptop in his office; if there's a video or article he needs to see, employees will fetch one and bring it to him. That process doesn't include email, however. Rather than read his inbox on a smartphone or laptop screen, Trump has his messages printed out, which isn't altogether unusual for executives of his ilk. But it does contrast with his seeming Twitter addiction; Trump often tweets late at night when other candidates have gone silent.

Make no mistake, though; it is often Trump himself firing off 140-character tweets attacking his rivals or opining on the latest celebrity gossip. At the very least, he dictates them to a staffer, but when thumbing tweets out himself, Trump is said to use a Samsung Galaxy smartphone — the Times doesn't identify a specific model. And whereas most other campaigns have tweets reviewed and approved up and down the chain, Trump's impulsively hitting the "Tweet" button while making his way through the back nine on a golf course. (Geolocation data shows he's published more than 100 tweets while golfing.) It would also seem Trump approves of Twitter's rumored plan to increase default tweet length. "I wish it were longer on 10 percent of the occasions."

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