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Do not mention ustin-jay ieber-bay on Twitter

Do not mention ustin-jay ieber-bay on Twitter

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It was just a normal Saturday afternoon. I was stacking my fridge with beers, ready to watch England lose to Australia in the rugby World Cup, when I could hear Justin Bieber musing about women nodding their heads. His latest track, "What Do You Mean?," was playing in the background and it's incredibly catchy.

Naturally, I headed straight to Twitter and shared my thoughts: "Should I feel ashamed I actually like Justin Bieber's latest songs?" Being the idiot I am, I followed up with "I'm a Belieber."

Oh, shit.

If I had one piece of advice for my 31-year-old self now that I'm closer to reaching 32, it would simply be the following: NEVER TWEET ABOUT JUSTIN BIEBER. Within 10 minutes of my stupid (and not funny) tweeting, Bieber's army of fans inundated my mentions feed. I was welcomed to the family for being a Belieber, or advised that I should be proud I like Bieber's latest songs. They're pretty good tunes, so I guess I should be proud and fly the Bieber flag. Those who follow me and called me a douche for liking Bieber's songs got abuse in return from his fans, and the favorites and retweets just went out of control. For a moment, it felt like I had a million followers as every time I refreshed my feed there was another bunch of mentions or notifications. I can only imagine that actually being Bieber on Twitter must be hell.

Days after my Twitter misadventure, I'm still getting favorites, retweets, and mentions. Bieber's fans flock to every piece of news about him, and most just want the megastar to follow them on Twitter. I can only assume my verified status on Twitter meant my tweets set off some kind of Bieber fan apocalypse in a rush to earn a follow by showing their fierce allegiance. I better be careful about what I say about Bieber now as I have hundreds of his fans following me, too.

Don't do what I did; never mention Justin Bieber on Twitter.