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Nissan will debut a real version of its wild 2020 Vision Gran Turismo supercar

Look for it at this month's Tokyo Motor Show

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If you really love concept cars, then what a time it is to be alive. Not only does it seem like there's a new one every week — each more insane than the last — but more of them are making their way off the page and screen and into the real world. The latest example comes from Nissan, which has just announced that it is making a real-world version of the wild 2020 Vision Gran Turismo that has been playable in Gran Turismo 6 since 2014. The company will show off the car at this month's Tokyo Motor Show.

The car is part of the Vision Gran Turismo project, which encouraged major automotive brands to develop concept cars for the game. But when it takes the stage in Tokyo, it won't be the first to have made the transition from PlayStation to test track — Hyundai and Bugatti won that distinction when they shocked everyone with real-life versions of their own Vision Gran Turismo cars at the Frankfurt Auto Show last month.

If it's anything like the video game version, it will be ridiculous

If the Nissan one-off is anything like the video game version, it should be a rather ridiculous car. In the game, the all-wheel drive supercar is powered by three motors and a V6 twin-turbo engine. The massive rear wing automatically raises and lowers according to what speed you're going, applying maximum downforce at all times. And all that aerodynamic sculpting isn't just meant to make the car look like a Le Mans-ready Batmobile — the jagged front fender routes the air through the body and out the back fender in order to reduce friction and turbulence, making the thing go even faster.

It's expected that some of the 2020 Vision GT could make it into the next version of Nissan's GT-R, and we'll definitely get a closer look at it when we go to the Tokyo Motor show. Until then, though, it's time to sit back down in front of a PlayStation and wait.