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Spotify: Personalized Playlists

Now that Discover Weekly has been a huge success, do you think Spotify will venture into making more personalized, weekly playlists.

One example of this is Fresh Finds, though its not personalized to you, it used algorithms to find new, fresh, music off of music blogs.

Examples of some more personalized, weekly, playlists could be:

  • Genre (Indie weekly, Electronic weekly, Hip Hop weekly, Pop Weekly) weekly- new music from each genre recommended for you, while Discover Weekly could serve as an overall playlist, you could use these other playlists to narrow down into other genres
  • Local Weekly- local artists recommended for you
  • (US, Canada, UK) Weekly- A collection of music from your home country recommended for you
  • Running Weekly ( a collection of recommended music just for you to listen to on your run)
  • Commute Weekly ( recommended music to listen to on your commute)
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