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Showtime's new Twin Peaks promo is a stroboscopic dance party

Showtime's revival of Twin Peaks isn't arriving until 2017 at this point, but that's not stopping the cable network from teasing the show — albeit with a frustrating, bite-sized clip. Last night, in concert with the season premiere of Homeland, Showtime aired the above promo. It's a mere 15 seconds in length, and shows nothing but footage from the original series (in particular, Michael J. Anderson's mysterious "Man From Another Place" cutting a rug during a stroboscopic dream sequence that was witnessed by Kyle MacLachlan's Agent Dale Cooper).

The network used a similar tactic last year to announce the revival was coming in the first place; in that clip — which you can watch here — we simply saw Laura Palmer in the same mysterious, red-curtained room, before the image slowly faded into black. Back then the show was coming in 2016, but things got shuffled around after some budget disagreements and the on-again, off-again participation of David Lynch. As it currently stands, however, Lynch is directing the revival, and to give you an even better idea of what's to come, we've included the full Agent Cooper dream sequence below.