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11,000 people watched Ubisoft livestream a cave painting for 24 hours

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At around noon ET today, game giant Ubisoft tweeted an enigmatic photo of a cave painting and and then linked to a YouTube live stream of that cave painting. The camera has been slowly, slowly zooming out to reveal more of the surrounding artwork — all to the tune of cave droplets, the occasional guttural growl, and other miscellaneous sounds. (I swear at some point I was hearing someone dramatically whisper "screenshots," but I might've been delusional at that point.)

We have no idea what the reveal is going to be. Our best guesses so far: prehistoric Assassin's Creed. Far Crynosaur — that is, Far Cry with dinosaurs. A brand new Turok (even though Ubisoft doesn't own that IP). A sequel to 16-bit-era fighting game Primal Rage. Something called Jurassic Parkour. Other dinosaur things.

Update: It's Far Cry Primal.

Whatever it is, the mystery is seductive enough that at around 3PM ET, nearly 12,000 people were just watching a cave painting right now After nearly five-and-a-half hours — and a possible leak suggesting the reveal will be Far Cry Primal — the viewer count finally drops below 10,000. Here's a timeline of what you've missed from the first 20 hours: