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Uber, Subway, and more apps are coming to the new Microsoft Band

Uber, Subway, and more apps are coming to the new Microsoft Band

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The new version of the Microsoft Band isn't going to just look nicer and work better than its predecessor, it will also be compatible with a whole new suite of apps. Everything from Uber, to Runkeeper, to Men's Fitness, to Starbucks and Subway, will all be available when the new wearable launches on October 30th. Microsoft made the announcement today at its event in New York City.

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The original Microsoft Band offered users scant choices for apps, and they worked more like system integrations than standalone applications. For example, Strava and MapMyRide worked with the Band — but only when you tapped through on the device's "Bike Tile." Microsoft promised one-touch access to all of these new apps, which makes it sound like they will be featured much more prominently this time around. That's important when it comes to competing with Jawbone, Fitbit, and even the Apple Watch. Microsoft obviously thinks the new version can hang with that competition, and the Band team's Lindsey Matese said that the new Microsoft Band is "ready to be a big part of your health story."

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