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This man was arrested and robbed on a Twitch live stream

This man was arrested and robbed on a Twitch live stream

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On Thursday, a Twitch streamer named Mr. Big had a very bad night. After 12 hours of live-streamed gaming, Big got a noise complaint from his neighbors that would escalate into two different arrests and one low-level robbery — most of which was caught on tape.

The complaint began with a friendly knock on the door, visible at 13:43. Big responded erratically, saying, "I will scream freedom all night long." After the conversation finishes, he kicks his door shut, slamming it. The police arrive an hour later, at 14:44, in apparent response to the noise complaint, although audio is silenced until 14:47. Asked for his name, he responds, "my last name is America" and refuses to give his name. He also informs the police that they're visible on Twitch, with 65 viewers watching their interactions. After another 10 minutes talking with the police, he's arrested, with police closing the door behind him — but the action isn't quite over. At 14:59, Big's neighbor can be seen entering the unlocked apartment and stealing Big's shoes, headphones, cellphone, lighter, and wallet.

"Thankfully he was caught on my live stream and my mods called the police," Big wrote on YouTube after the event. "Now he is in jail on felony charges. My property was returned to me and I'm currently fighting for my erroneous charges to be dismissed."