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You can now draw on photos that you upload to Facebook

The new 'Doodle' feature is already rolling out to users

Facebook has let you edit, crop, and add filters to mobile photos for a while now, and now you'll be able to draw on them, too. This is thanks to a new feature called "Doodle," a simple pen tool that Facebook is rolling out to its mobile apps today.

When you select a photo that you want to upload to Facebook, you're presented with a dock of editing options. Doodle will slide right in to the right side of that dock, allowing you to pick a color and draw all over your upload. If you press and hold on a color and slide your finger to the left, you can adjust the size of the brush, too.

You can pick colors and adjust brush size, but that's it

Your only other options beyond that are "undo" and "reset" — there are no granular controls like opacity or feathering. It's pretty clear that Doodle is meant to be a goofy little tool that you only use sometimes, which is why it's no surprise how similar it looks to Snapchat's drawing tool, right down to the color picker appearing on the same side of your screen.

The new feature is already rolling out to both iOS and Android users, so it may already be available for you the next time you open the Facebook app — no update required.