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Samsung predicts first quarterly profit growth in two years

Samsung Electronics expects it made about 7.3 trillion won ($6.27 billion) in operating profit off sales of 51 trillion won ($43.8 billion) in its third quarter of 2015. If confirmed once the final figures are available later this month, that means the company is back to profit growth after seven straight quarters of year-on-year decline.

Last year in Q3 the company made 47.4 trillion won in revenue, meaning it's likely to be up around 7-8 percent this year. Operating profit a year ago was a disappointing 4.1 trillion won, so Samsung is expecting a year-on-year boost of around 78 percent.

Samsung hasn't given any details on what spurred the improvement. This year, however, the company decided not only to release the Galaxy Note 5 in August — well over a month earlier than usual, giving it more sales time in Q3 — but also to offer the Galaxy 6S Edge+ as an alternative giant phone alongside the Note. It's possible that this sales plan had an effect on the numbers.