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HP made a Star Wars laptop with R2-D2 sounds

HP made a Star Wars laptop with R2-D2 sounds

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Star Wars hype is about to reach its peak, and HP is embracing it with open arms. It announced today that it's making a new laptop designed to look like something out of the dark side, and it's loading the machine up with plenty of Star Wars content as well. That includes sound themes that can take over the entire system, so you can have R2-D2 wail when you remove a USB drive before properly ejecting it. It's very annoying, but you can go back to normal Windows sounds if you want. There are also other themes that could be more chill, I guess, like lightsaber noises. BB-8, from The Force Awakens, has sounds included, too.

True dark side supporters may take issue with this trackpad

Most of the laptop's "dark side" theme is just faux beaten-up metal. But there's also a bit of Vader on the back, some Aurebesh writing on the hinge, a pair of storm troopers on one side of the trackpad, and the Death Star on the other. The trackpad is also designed to look like the X-Wing's targeting system, which is a strange decision because, uh, it was used to blow up the first Death Star. That's exactly the opposite of what a true dark side supporter would want. Why would you want to celebrate the tool that destroyed your superweapon/base thus killing over 1 million fictional soldiers/military personnel? You wouldn't.

There were clear alternatives here! It's not like X-Wings and TIE Fighters have the same targeting system:

There's also more Star Wars content loaded on the laptop itself. HP has made a Star Wars Command Center app that includes over 1,100 images — mostly behind the scenes stuff like storyboards, set photos, and artwork — as well as some videos and wallpapers. This app is also where you'll go to change the laptop's sound theme. Additionally, HP has replaced the Recycle Bin with a Death Star icon, and Aurebesh is offered as a font. That content all comes through a partnership that HP has made with Disney to build this laptop, which is some sort of exclusive deal. As for why it chose the dark side? Apparently it sells better.

HP Star Wars laptop


As an actual laptop, HP's Star Wars notebook it's pretty standard stuff. It has a Core i5 or i7 processor, up to 2TB of HDD storage and 12GB of RAM, and the option between integrated graphics and an Nvidia GPU. There's also a DVD drive. It has a 15.6-inch display, and making it 1080p and a touchscreen seems to be optional. The laptop goes on sale November 8th for $699.99.

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